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Oct 16, 2019

The Top 3 E-Commerce Must-Haves for 2020

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Is your e-commerce store optimized to provide the best possible customer experience?

As an online business, it's incredibly important to stay up to date with the latest trends in e-commerce ‍or risk being left behind as consumer shopping preferences evolve and your store sits stagnant. Here are the must-haves for your e-commerce store in 2020:


Mobile will make up 45% of e-commerce revenue by 2020, accounting for $284 billion. If you weren’t already aware of the importance of a stellar customer experience on mobile, here’s your bright flashing sign. Almost HALF of all e-commerce revenue will come from customer purchases on a mobile device. If your online store has a confusing or difficult to navigate buy flow on mobile, you are directly affecting your bottom line.

So how can you better optimize your store for mobile? There are a variety of ways, but a few key opportunities include:

- Build a sticky navigation into the site design so customers can always access their account or cart no matter where they are on page.

- Add filtering functionality at the top of product pages to allow people to easily sort and filter products by category, price point or color.

- Add breadcrumbs at the top of each individual product page to allow people to easily navigate back to the pages they were on before.


Video is quickly becoming a key element in website design and content, whether it’s a branded video explaining more about the company’s mission or product videos to support your customer service strategy. Product pages with video actually see 37% more conversions and 58% of consumers think companies with product videos can be trusted. In today’s world, social media sets the standard for consumer media consumption habits, and Facebook and Instagram have completely reoptimized their organic and advertising platforms to support and even recommend video content. Your website should follow suit.


Personalization is a newer trend, yet perhaps the most important one. It’s already hit the social media and email marketing worlds, but has been slower to reach e-commerce – with the exception of giants like Amazon and eBay. However, research shows that 48% of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized. So how can you personalize your e-commerce site to make it more welcoming, and in turn cultivate customer loyalty? Here are a few ideas:

- Have a ‘Recommended For You’ section in customer accounts.

- Establish a Loyalty Program that allows customers to earn points for each of their purchases and use them on special products, discounts, etc.

- Incorporate a ‘Wish List’ into your store so customers can save products for later purchase.

If you are interested in incorporating any of this functionality into your existing e-commerce storefront, or need a fresh design, contact us today and get your store where it needs to be to start off 2020 on the right foot.