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Our team builds Shopify and Shopify Plus websites that are beautiful, easy to maintain, and integrate your entire sales ecosystem so you can focus on delighting your customers and growing your business. Our talented developers will work alongside you to bring your Shopify website project to life.

Our Capabilities

  • Custom-Designed Shopify Themes
  • Full Integrations with Existing Shopify Accounts
  • Complex Collection & Product Page Functionality
  • Multi-level Navigation Designs
  • Fly-Out Carts
  • Recommended Products and Shipping Thresholds
  • Advanced Shopify CMS Integrations
  • Data Migrations from other
E-Commerce Platforms
  • POS Setup
  • Custom App Integrations (Recharge, Retextion, Yotpo, etc.)
  • Wholesale and B2B Setups
  • Custom Pricing by User Groups
  • Unique graphics and animations
  • Shipping to Multiple Addresses
  • Gift Messages
  • Checkout Customizations
  • Subscription and Membership Programs
  • Volume Discounts and Bundles
Shopify partners.

As a certified Shopify Development Partner, our team specializes in the Shopify platform and offers comprehensive services catered to your e-commerce needs. We will assist you in creating a totally unique shopping experience that is built to drive sales and customer engagement. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, our team is committed to building a custom Shopify storefront that aligns with your business objectives, drives growth and enhances your online presence.

Custom Shopify Development Examples

Flyout carts can dramatically improve your conversion rates and give you ample opportunities to increase your cart value. From shipping thresholds to volume discounts, we can build a custom drawer cart that will directly impact your bottom line.

A screenshot of a custom Shopify flyout cart.
  • Shipping Threshold

    Incentivize larger orders by offering discounted or free shipping once a specific order value is reached. A shipping threshold can boost sales, reduce cart abandonment and provide a competitive advantage for your products.

  • Recommended Products

    Suggest additional products in your store based on customer behavior to personalize their shopping experience and increase order value.

  • Volume Discounts

    Volume discounts offer cost savings to customers who purchase in bulk, incentivizing larger purchases to boost your sales. Custom-built nudges in your flyout cart will push customers to take advantage of the savings opportunity.

Companies that offer subscriptions increase revenue 5X faster than companies who do not. Subscriptions add to your bottom line without you lifting a finger. With a wide variety of subscription apps available on Shopify, we can help you select the right app for you, install it to your theme, and configure it for an excellent user experience.

A collection of screenshots showcasing different subscription setups on different websites.
  • Customized Subscription Widgets

    A custom subscription widget allows your brand to tailor subscription options to your customer’s preferences, and promote specific unique value props, ultimately increasing subscription sign ups and improving customer retention.

  • Add Subscriptions from Anywhere

    Don’t limit your subscription sign ups to the product detail page! We can integrate subscriptions on the home page, collection pages or any other pages throughout your site.

  • Better Promote Subscription Discounts

    Customized subscription setups allow you to better demonstrate the value of purchasing a subscription compared to a one-time purchase including promoting discounts, free shipping and more to increase subscription conversions.

For companies who focus heavily on both personal and corporate gifting, multi-address shipping functionality can be a game-changer when it comes to multi-address gift shipping and gift message management.

A screenshot of a checkout cart and a gift message popup where the user has typed "Happy Birthday Mom!".
  • Multi-Address Capture in Cart

    Allowing customers to input multiple addresses during checkout streamlines the checkout process so customers can easily ship items to multiple locations within one order, providing a sense of convenience and improving the user experience.

  • Custom Gift Messages

    Your customers can add a personal touch for each address in their order, making your products perfect for special occasions.

  • Saved Addresses

    For corporate clients who ship gifts often, allow customers to easily save addresses for future use so they don’t have to retype the address each time they place an order.

Companies focused on selling internationally can face a whole different set of challenges when it comes to selling online. From offering multiple currencies to translations to fulfillment needs, we can help guide when it comes to localizing your brand for target audiences in different countries.

A screenshot of the Shopify geolocation capabilities, with a bar down the left side that can convert into five different currencies.
  • Shopify Store Localization

    Localization tailors your online store to specific regions by offering a specific currency, product set or translation to improve accessibility, customer engagement and overall sales. It can also make fulfillment much easier if you have shipping locations worldwide.

  • Sell in multiple currencies

    Selling in multiple currencies simplifies international transactions, increases your brand’s global reach and makes shopping more convenient for all walks of life.

  • Geolocation

    Geolocation will read a customer’s IP address and automatically update the currency and shipping location on your store to the customer’s current location.

Many companies have opted to have both wholesale and retail Shopify sites so they can accurately cater to those very different target audiences. Wholesale sites can require very different functionalities compared to retail including terms-based buying options, saved payment methods, restricted access, and more - all of which are achievable on the Shopify platform.

A pair of stacked screenshots. In the first, it displays the application form to be considered to sell wholesale for Risewell. In the second, it displays the wholesale user portal for Zandiland.
  • Restricted Shopping

    Limit wholesale access to select customers or groups, ensuring privacy and exclusivity, while simplifying the shopping process for your authorized buyers.

  • User Approvals

    User approvals empower you to control access to your wholesale marketplace, ensuring a secure and trustworthy B2B relationship, while streamlining the buying process and making marketing materials available to authorized buyers.

  • Specialized Pricing

    Set your products so they must be purchased in multiples or minimums to increase cart value or streamline B2B fulfillment. Wholesale pricing also allows your business to offer customized rates to corporate or bulk buyers, incentivizing larger orders and a flourishing customer base in the B2B market.

I seriously cannot speak enough about working with H1. It has honestly been the best experience of any company we have ever worked with. From the very start of our discovery meeting and proposal to the very final touches on our gorgeous Shopify site, the H1 team were professional, creative, responsive and honestly went more than above and beyond to make sure our site met every need we had. And we had some pretty unique needs. I would recommend them to any business out there who is looking for a site set above the rest of their competitors!

Faye Zandi, Zandiland Beauty

"As a rapidly expanding cannabis company with multiple brands, we pivot frequently when it comes to our online needs. H1 has built a variety of business websites for us with email marketing integration as well as a completely custom Shopify e-commerce storefront that includes unique features such as a rewards program and veteran discount. The H1 team are incredibly responsive to all our needs and our online presence is truly state-of-the-art because of our partnership with H1."

CMO, Denver-based CBD Company

Just one month after going live, we've not only seen an uptick in online sales but, more impressively, our offline sales have gone way up. This past month has been the best in our business's history, sales-wise, and it's clear that the new website has played a significant role in this success.
Your team's professionalism and expertise have truly made a difference, and we wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciate it. Thank you for being a key part of our growth story.

Charles Beck,

Common FAQs

What is Shopify and how does it work?

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage an online business. It allows you to create and customize an online store, and sell in multiple channels including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. Shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, which means you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. This gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

How much does a custom H1 Shopify website cost?

Due to the custom nature of our website products, our custom Shopify themes start at $10,000. App integrations, number of products and pages, and advanced functionality can all affect the final pricing. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your project in more detail so we can prepare a custom proposal just for you!

Do you help with migrations from other platforms?

Yes, we have performed migrations from WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, Squarespace and more. We are happy to help migrate your customers, orders, products, gift cards, subscriptions and other data from your old store into Shopify.

Do you work on existing Shopify sites?

Yes, we can absolutely work on existing Shopify sites if you are not ready for a full rebuild. With that being said, if your current site is not built based on best practices there may be some limitations with the development work we are able to perform.

Do you offer monthly website retainers?

Yes! For clients in search of a long-term web partner, we offer monthly website retainers. Our retainer clients are prioritized first in our development queue and we typically work with our retainer clients each week on new functionality, campaigns, product launches and more. Schedule a meeting to discuss your retainer needs in more detail.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify has multiple plans based on your business needs. The standard Shopify plans start at $39 a month, but depending on your business size you may need higher level plans such as Advanced or Shopify Plus. We are happy to help you determine which plans and apps would best suit your business needs.

Can I use my own domain name with Shopify?

Yes, you can use your own domain name with Shopify. Whether you purchase your domain from them or connect an existing domain from your third-party domain registrar, Shopify makes it easy to manage your domain so that you can have a professional and branded web address.

In what countries can I use Shopify?

As the leader in the ecommerce industry, Shopify is available in 175 countries globally. The platform supports multiple currencies and offers various language translation options to cater to a diverse international user base. This creates a whole new world of international opportunities for your business.

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