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Do you use templates?

No. We design all our websites completely from scratch to best meet your needs, match your brand and uniquely represent your business online.

What platform do you build on?

We build business websites on the Webflow platform, and e-commerce websites on the Shopify platform.

How long does it take to build a new website?

Since our websites are 100% custom-designed, they typically take a few months since we collaborate with you every step of the way and do not have limits on the number of edits you can make. Business websites generally take 2-3 months and e-commerce websites take closer to 3 months. If you do have a launch date in mind, we can work with you to meet a shorter timeline.

Will my website be optimized for all mobile devices?

Yes. All Sidekick websites are built responsively, meaning they will properly adjust to fit any screen size, device type or browser window. We also have an entire phase of our development process dedicated to mobile where we adjust the site specifically for mobile breakpoints.

Do you offer hosting?

Business websites have the option to either host through H1 or self-host. If you host through H1, you will get HTTP/2 ready, enterprise-grade hosting powered by AWS and the Webflow content management system at your fingertips. You’ll also get daily backups and H1 to be on-call if your website goes down or experiences a critical issue. Shopify websites must be hosted directly on Shopify.

How would self-hosting work?

If you have your own servers or platform you’d prefer to host on, we can build the website then package the HTML, CSS and Javascript files and hand them over to you to host as you please. Please note, if you do self-host the site will not come with a content management system on the back-end.

Will my website come with a content management system?

Yes. Both Webflow and Shopify offer robust, customizable content management systems that are available to you as long as you host through the platform.

Do you charge ongoing, monthly maintenance costs?

No. Both the platforms we build on are cloud-based, and all updates and maintenance are performed by the platform and pushed out automatically through the cloud. On top of that, all H1 websites include a robust content management system, empowering clients to perform most content updates themselves. If you do need an edit outside the capabilities of the content management system, we simply charge our hourly rate of $125/hour.

Do you offer monthly retainers?

Yes! For clients in search of a long-term web partner who need weekly and monthly support, we offer monthly website retainers. Our retainer clients are prioritized first in our development queue and we typically work with our retainer clients each week on new functionality, campaigns, product launches and more. Schedule a meeting to discuss your retainer needs in more detail.

What website security do you offer?

All H1 websites come with an SSL certificate, which enables an encrypted connection when a user browses your website. For our e-commerce sites, the Shopify platform meets all 6 categories of PCI standards and is 100% PCI compliant ensuring data security when processing payments.

What is included with SEO Optimization?

Included with all H1 sites is website-level SEO optimization including writing unique, keyword-rich meta titles and descriptions for each page, setting open graph settings, using proper HTML semantic structure, forcing SSL on every page, using image alt attributes on all images, placing canonical tags in the code, placing a robots.txt file and sitemap, and writing unique meta tags and descriptions for each page.

Do you offer copywriting?

Yes, basic copywriting services are included in the cost of all H1 websites. This can include pulling copy from an existing website or marketing materials, and working with the client to edit and organize all required website content, or writing it completely from scratch. SEO-optimized copywriting is an add-on service that will incur additional cost. Our copywriting service does not include the creation of whitepapers, blog articles, case studies, webinars, FAQs, blogs or events.

Can you integrate third-party software?

Yes, as long as the software offers an embed code or iFrame option we can integrate most third-party softwares such as CRMs, email marketing software, HR software, and more into the website.

Do you require a down payment?

Yes, we require a 25% down payment on all projects.

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