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Nov 17, 2020

The Powerful Data Behind The Use Of Statistics In Web Design

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Statistics have long been used in websites to influence sales and shift buyer perception.

The data on 2020 buyer behavior is in, and it feels like Christmas. Every year we look forward to the marketing data that brings us closer to understanding (and pleasing!) our customer's future buyers.

While almost everything published is of value to website development, one of our favorite “sleeper secrets” this year was centered around the use of statistics. Statistics have long been used in websites to influence sales and shift buyer perception, but only recently have they become a buzz concept for website marketing.

When you break it down, it just makes sense. Statistics play an important role in influencing buyers by clarifying information they want and need to make their decision, and correcting any misconception they may have had about a product or service. As a small business, a vital part of making sales is not only convincing your customer of the need for your product, but also establishing yourself as an industry expert in your field.

Harvesting relevant statistics and putting them boldly on display in your marketing fulfills both of these purposes. To really reap the benefits of this tactic, you can post these statistics on your homepage. All websites, to an end, are a marketing platform.  Not all industries are created equal, however, and many small businesses must have a site strategically optimized to ensure no single lead goes to waste. To achieve this, consider using statistics.

In addition to being eye catching and relevant, they can also pique buyer curiosity. For example:  A website home page that says “We sell more houses than anyone in the metro area!” Isn’t nearly as impactful as “81% of home purchases in the metro area are handled by our agents!”

To create more intrigue by using statistics, and in turn encourage potential buyers to stay on your webpage and look around, you might try something like “Over 97% of our customers report saving at least $1,000 on the sale of their home by using our agents”.  This statistic is both powerful and convincing, but also satisfying.  Your agents save customers $1,000?  How? Why?  I want to know more!

If you’re going to invest in a custom website, you want it to give you the return on your investment you deserve.  Impactful marketing and a site optimized for user attention and intent creates the conversions you want and need.

Here are a few examples of statistics we've used successfully in our client's websites!


Pearl is a non-profit organization serving single mothers in Colorado. The use of statistics on their home page is a way to capture interest and establish the 'WHY?' before users take in the rest of the site. These statistics explain why visitors should care about this particular non-profit and their mission.



Mikado is an international marketing firm that specializes in multi-cultural marketing. They use statistics on their home page to establish themselves as experts in their field, providing proof of their experience, qualifications, and expertise.



Salos is a firm specializing in business intelligence and analytics. It was important to them to show on their home page the importance of data and how it can revolutionize your business from third-party firms that are trustworthy and recognizable. This enabled them to legitimize and maintain the relevancy and efficacy of their services.


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