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Mar 10, 2022

The Best Shopify Apps Of 2022

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Shopify's e-commerce apps enable you to customize your website and tailor your site to users and their preferences. Enhancing your UX can make an impact on your site's organic success.

The Best Shopify Apps Of 2022

If you are new to Shopify e-commerce, you may still be exploring what apps are required to optimize your site. Shopify apps are the WordPress equivalent of plug-ins. They are software integrations that you can add to your site to improve your features and functions. Some apps have backend benefits, some have consumer benefits, and some benefit both you and the consumer. Here are some essential apps to consider for 2022.

#1 Google Ad App

Google Channel empowers you to create ads quickly and easily across Google channels such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and GoogleDisplay Network. Google Channel streamlines and simplifies the process of creating ads so that you can do it all in your Shopify back of house, instead of one by one in each marketing channel.  

Price — The app is free to install and use, but the ads bill directly to Google.

#2 Affiliates and Influencers App

Micro-influencers and tenured affiliates can drastically expand your reach. The UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing app empowers you to seamlessly onboard affiliates and influencers, create campaigns, enable coupons, provide affiliate links, and more. The app is intuitive, so even if you’re new to the affiliate world you’ll be able to quickly create affiliate offerings.

Price — The app is free for up to 200 affiliate orders per month. However, you may require some of the more advanced tools, for which pricing starts at $21.99 per month.

#3 Cart Abandonment App

PushOwl is a top pick for abandoned carts. When a shopper adds items to their cart but doesn’t check out, PushOwl will send automated reminders to shoppers. The app also allows shoppers to access abandoned carts if they didn’t have time to get back to their purchase before it expired.

Price — There is a free option, but it doesn’t include abandoned cart automation. Abandoned cart automation is $19.99 for a standard business subscription.

#4 Currency Converter App

Ready to take your business global? You’ll want to invest in a currency converter app. Even if you’ll just be shipping to Canada and Mexico, you’ll make shopping easier for your international customers.They’ll know what they’ll be paying in their local currency before they even check out. BEST Currency Converter allows shoppers to convert your product prices to over 160 currencies.

Price — The app is free for up to 5 currencies and $19.99 a month for more.

#5 Gift Card App

Gift cards are ideal for just about anyone: the person who has everything, picky shoppers, people you don’t know well enough to buy a personalized gift, or friends and family.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs by Rise.ai is a top pick for gift card apps. In addition to gift cards, the app allows you to create a loyalty program for shoppers, and you can add benefits for referring friends. You can also issue store credits through this app as well.

Price — The app starts at $19.99 per month for up to 100 sales per month.

Customize Your Shopify Experience

This list is fairly short and hyper-focused on ways to increase your sales. However, you can also add apps for communication, social media, order fulfillment, SEO, and marketing.

The apps above are one of many in their categories. If you can’t find an app with the exact features or API integrations you require, H1 Web Development can develop and design a custom Shopify e-Commerce app for you. Reach out today to learn more!