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Mar 10, 2020

How To: Choose Web Safe Fonts

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Web Safe Fonts Can Be Essential to Your Email Marketing

What Are Web Safe Fonts?

To start, what is a ‘web safe font’ anyway? In simplest terms - it is a ‘safe’ bet that this font is installed on most computers. Web safe fonts are locally-installed, universal fonts that will display correctly on almost any computer.

Why Use Web Safe Fonts for Emails?

Using a web safe font for emails can almost always guarantee that your email will render properly in any inbox. An email sent out using a font that is not web safe could result in missing content or even an empty email - not ideal for email marketing! It’s also important to keep this in mind when creating email signatures. If you don’t use a web safe font in your email signature, you risk a user not being able to read your contact information as well.

Since Windows and MacOS are the most commonly used operating systems in the world, it is important to choose fonts that are recognized by both of these systems in any email you send. Unfortunately this doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for creativity when it comes to font choices, but you can rest easy knowing your message was received by the intended recipients.

What are My Choices?

You have a handful of fonts to choose from when creating your email. Here at H1 Web Development, we use the following Web Safe fonts for emails and email signatures: